The Dreyer Foundation supports projects and initiatives aimed at promoting the development of the legal and architectural professions and their interation with society. Areas of priority are: Development of the professions, further education and communication.
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    If you are in doubt whether your project has the chance to get funding, you should start by reading the text “Apply for funding” below.

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    If you would like to know what information you need for your application, you must complete the first three questions in the online application form. Only when they are completed, you can open the rest of the form and see what information and documents you need for your particular application.

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    Fill in your application using the online application here. Please be aware that you can not save the application during the process and then later return to it and fill in the rest. Once the application is submitted you will receive a receipt by mail along with a summary of your application.

Twice a year – in April and November – The Dreyer Foundation awards grants totaling up to DKK 20 million for projects and study trips for lawyers and architects.

If you are in doubt as to whether you can get your project or study trip funded you can read more about the foundation’s purpose and vision as well as examples of projects that the foundation has previously supported.

Application deadlines
There are two annual application deadlines: 15 January and 15 July. Processing time is approximately four months.

Please fill out the online application form here (in Danish).

Please be aware that you can not save your application during the process, and then later return to it and fill in the rest. If you would like to know in advance what information and documents that are necessary, you should complete the first three questions in the online application form. When you open the rest of the application form the information and documents you need will appear.
Please note, that the Dreyer Foundation only receives applications that have been filled out electronically via the link above.

The Dreyer Foundation no longer receives applications sent by mail or e-mail.

Please note:

  • The application form must be filled out with all the information required.
  • The application must be clearly motivated.
  • Funding generally will not be given to operating costs. However, funding may be granted for establishments where operational costs are included.
  • Applicants for study grants abroad must document that they are enrolled in a university or other educational establishment. Documentation can be sent separately if it is not available when the application is made.
  • Applicants for study grants abroad must complete a separate budgetform for download here (in Danish).
  • The study abroad must last for a minimum of three months.
  • Grants will not be given to group trips, and projects or stays abroad that have begun at the time of application.
  • Students of Architecture will be considered primarily after they have completed 2/3 of their studies
  • Law students will not be considered until they have got their Master’s degree and preferentially if they are employed in the profession of lawyer.
  • The foundation does not fund salary expenses for authors.
  • Funding for the publication of books is by default granted for printing and other publishing costs in terms of a deficit warranty.
  • The foundation may provide funding  for architectural preliminary studies but not for construction.