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An international biography about Alf Ross has been published with support from the Dreyer Foundation.

The biography “Alf Ross – a life” about the internationally known lawyer Alf Ross’ personal and professional life has now been published in Great Britain and the United States. The book has been supported financially by the Dreyer Foundation.

In his application for the Dreyer Foundation Jens Evald among other things wrote: “Alf Ross (1899-1979) is probably the most famous Danish forensics and philosopher abroad. Alf Ross’ network was large both within the philosophy of law as well as within public and state constitutional law. Almost all of Alf Ross’s main works were translated into English, German and Spanish.”

Scandinavian realism

Alf Ross was one of the founders of the so-called Scandinavian realism. His teachings are still being debated and used worldwide in the education of students.

When the book was first published in Danish in 2010 it caused quite a lot of debate.

“Alf Ross was a great star in the Danish legal sky, and he was known far and wide, beyond the borders of Denmark. Once in a while I am contacted by people from abroad who are interested in Ross’ life and teachings, so it is only a natural step that the book is now being published in English as well”, says Jens Evald.

The description of Alf Ross in the biography is – in addition to interviews, books, feature articles, newspaper articles – based on a series of diaries and private letters that were available from the Royal Library.

The book is a translation of  “Alf Ross – a life” by Jens Evald, which was first published on DJØF Publishing in 2010 with support from the Dreyer Foundation.

Jens Evald is professor at the Department of Law, Aarhus University, School of Business and Social Sciences.

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