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From June 7 to November 23 2014, the Danish pavilion at the 14th International Architecture Biennale in Venice shows the exhibition “Empowerment of Aesthetics”.

Landscape architect Stig L. Andersson created the exhibition “Empowerment of Aesthetics” at the Danish Pavilion and the accompanying exhibition publication that has been supported financially by the Dreyer Foundation.

Stig L. Andersson argues that the aesthetic approach – and the forgotten modernity – is essential to our common journey towards a sustainable future.

“My ambition is to show the relation between forgotten, oppressed and underexposed parts of the dynamic Danish modernity. Not only in the history of architecture, but also in science, art and poetry,” curator, professor and landscape architect Stig L. Andersson says.

The Danish pavilion is part of a larger project that puts the future of Denmark to debate. The scenario project is called DK2050 and the aesthetic as well as the rational key elements in the project represent possible futures for a sustainable Denmark. DK2050 for example asks questions: How do we live in Denmark in 2050? What challenges and dilemmas will we meet along the way? How can cities, urban regions, politicians and every one of us participate and navigate in relation to the decisions and actions that may lead to a more sustainable future?

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