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The book “Utzon’s universe – Build, draw & Learn” invites children to explore Jørn Utzon’s universe and to try to design and build themselves.

The book is written by the architects Malene Abildgaard and Julie Dufour.

In the introduction of the book the authors among other things write:

“The year 2018 is the centennial of one of Denmark’s foremost cultural persons, the architect Jørn Utzon. He became internationally renowned for his masterpiece, the Sydney Opera House, and for his playful and experimental approach to architecture – an approach that can be a great inspiration to many, both young and old”.

Building and drawing exercises

Based on sixteen of Utzon’s projects the architecture and its tools are presented – and Utzon’s sources of inspiration such as the light, the sky, the sea and the landscape.
Each chapter contains simple directions for building and drawing exercises which children – and their parents – can carry out to discover more about Utzon’s universe and to create their own architecture.

Malene Abildgaard and Julie Dufour are architects and authors, and they both have many years of experience in architectural dissemination aimed at children and young people. The authors have chosen projects and themes based on their experience of what interests children.

The book has been published by Strandberg Publishing with the support of the Dreyer Foundation and is richly illustrated. The book has been published in Danish and in English.

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Photo: Thomas Mølvig


Photo: Hans Ole Madsen