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Over the years Dorte Mandrup Architects has been responsible for a number of buildings that have received national as well as international attention. The works of Dorte Mandrup Architects have been published in journals all over the world and have received numerous awards.

The monograph Dorte Mandrup Architects is the first Danish contribution in the series “Nordic Architects” by the Swedish publisher Arvinius + Orpheus which has already received considerable attention internationally.

The book presents a wide range of the architectural firm’s work and brings among other contributions by Kent Martinussen, DAC, Christian Bundegaard and Hans Ibelings.

Among other things the book writes:

”Dorte Mandrup is one of the most aesthetically original and socially-committed Danish architects of her generation. Her buildings are experimental, sensible and empathic. Endowed with an untamed sense of humour, they represent the best of Scandinavian tradition. Down to even the smallest details, her buildings communicate both with the people they are built for and with the public space that surrounds them.”

“Mandrup’s unique way of handling reality penetrates her project from the most audacious play on spatiality and shapes, as in the Herstedlund Community House, to the gentle restoration of a Danish classic like Arne Jacobsen’s Munkegårdsskolen.”

Style Icons

Kent Martinussen, CEO DAC, among other things, writes:

”The buildings of Dorte Mandrup become style icons; they never confirm a certain generic, architectural expression. This is art at its best – art that seduces its audience. “

Dorte Mandrup Architects was founded by Dorte Mandrup in 1999. Dorte Mandrup is adjunct professor at the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts and an adjunct professor at Lund University, dept. Of building conservation. Over the years, she has received numerous honors and awards for his work. In addition to the Eckersberg Medal and C. F. Hansen Medal, she has also received the Dreyer Foundation Honorary Award in 2004.

The book has been edited by Thomas Lauri.

The book was published on September 17, 2015.

The monograph about Dorte Mandrup Architects is published in English and distributed worldwide.

The realease of the monograph took place in Valencia – a building that Dorte Mandrup Architects has renovated and modernized on behalf of the Dreyer Foundation.

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Photo: Adam Mørk

Dorte Mandrup B

Photo: Jens Markus Lindhe

Dorte Mandrup

Photo: Jens Markus Lindhe