The Dreyer Foundation supports projects and initiatives aimed at promoting the development of the legal and architectural professions and their interation with society. Areas of priority are: Development of the professions, further education and communication.

The Dreyer Foundation awards grants to projects and activities aimed at promoting the development of the lawyers’ and architects’ professions and their interaction with society, for instance study trip grants and other grants that the Board of the Dreyer Foundation believes could benefit the legal and architectural professions.

Areas of priority are: development of the professions, further education and training, and communication. Read more about the projects the foundation has supported.

Furthermore, the foundation every year provides financial support for architects and lawyers or their surviving relatives in need. This support is normally awarded as a total grant to Akademisk Arkitektforenings Understøttelsesfond (the Architects’ Association of Denmark Foundation) and to Advokatsamfundets Understøttelsesfond (the Danish Bar and Law Society Foundation).

The vision of the Dreyer Foundation is at any time to be an active and leading contributor to Denmark’s lawyers and architects through the funding of projects and activities that promote innovation, quality and integrity.