Previous awardreceivers – architects

2014 Architects Frank Maali and Gemma Lalanda for their empathetic and imaginative transformations of historic buildings and urban spaces.

2012 Landscape Architect Marianne Levinsen for her poetic and empathetic works with landscape and urban space.

2011 Architect Bjarke Ingels for his dauntless and surprising way of thinking how to build and live.

2010 Architects Helle Søholt and Jan Gehl, Gehl Architects, for the couple’s compelling way to bring focus on the human dimension of urban planning worldwide, with the slogan: Cities for people.

2009 Richard Leplastrier for his genuine understanding of the true meaning of sustainability, based on a philosophy best summed up by the motto: ‘Let’s cultivate less!’

2008 Steen Høyer for his inspiring work in developing the art of landscaping and establishing overall quality settings for a sustainable development of open land.

2007 Erik Christian Sørensen for his lifelong contribution to architecture and his unique work as an instructor and professor at the School of Architecture.

2006 Jørn Utzon because he managed through his way of working with architecture to clarify the connection between inspiration, ideas, creation and work in such way so he will always be an educative and inspiring role model for others.

2005 Drafting studio Entasis by the architects Signe and Christian Cold for its sensitive and calculated completion of its projects that are carried out with brilliance, magic, unusually high quality and great awareness of architectural methods.

2004 Jens Markus Lindhe for his impressive work as an architect and architecture photographer. Through his architect’s glasses, he sees and finds the soul of the objects that he photographs.

2003 Stig Lennart Andersson for unusual sensitivity, discipline and respect for details and materials.

2003 Dorte Mandrup-Poulsen for her ability to maturely, originally and independently interpret time.

2002 Lene Tranberg and Boje Lundgaard for their significant artistic work on many beautiful buildings in a very broad spectrum.

2001 Professor Knud Holscher for his great talent for styling, from overall planning and architecture, to design.

2001 Professor Nils-Ole Lund for his gifted way of engaging in questions surrounding architecture and for being one of the principal organizers in the establishment of the Århus School of Architecture.

2001 Marianne Ingvartsen for her engagement in teaching and practical work and competitions within urban renewal and housing.

2001 Royal Superintendent of Architecture Jens Fredslund for his considerate and high quality work with the restoration of buildings.

2001 Knud Fladeland for his talented architecture work in many competitions with forward-looking and promising results.

2001 Professor Sven-Ingvar Andersson for his highly qualified, also internationally speaking, work within garden and landscape architecture.

1999 Henning Larsen for his ability to create outstanding architecture that brings greater experiences than the assignments require.

1998 Royal Superintendent of Architecture, architect David Bretton-Meyer for his significant contribution to raise the consideration to care and respect of our architectural heritage, including his restoration of neoclassical buildings such as for example the University Copenhagen.

1997 Architects Knud Friis and Elmer Moltke for a thorough approach to strength and quality regardless of the task or the budget – as well as the skill, professionalism and architectural nerve that supports the quality.

1995 Professor Tobias Faber for his importance to Danish architecture and for the quality of education within architecture and the development of the discipline.

1992 Professor Mogens Koch for demonstrating a level of quality that has been of enormous importance for Danish industrial design throughout his long life. The honorary award is a portrait bust for “Kuppelsalen” in Charlottenborg made by sculptor Knud Nellemose.

1989 The architecture prize was given to a publication about architect Johan Otto Spreckelsen’s structure “La Grande Arche de la Défence” in Paris.

1988 Hanne Kjærholm for her high level of quality and individuality as well as her brilliant alignment of continuity and modernity.

1985 Ulrik Plesner for his contributions as an architect and a teacher outside Denmark – in Sri Lanka and Israel.

1984 Johan Fog and Per Følner for the Wasa project in Stockholm.

1982 Vilhelm Wohlert for his restoration of Copenhagen’s Cathedral.


Photo of Bjarke Ingels, who received the Dreyer Foundation Prize of Honour in 2011. Photo: Carsten Snejbjerg