The Board


The Board

The Board of The Dreyer Foundation consists of four to six members, one must be a practicing lawyer and one an architect. Board members can serve the board until the year they turn 70. However, professional members (the lawyer and the architect) serve for a maximum of 12 years.


Birte Rasmussen

Birte Rasmussen

Position: Lawyer, partner
Born: 1959
Board Member since: 2004, Chairman since 2014
Present employment: Hjulmand & Kaptain Law firm
Other positions of trust:

  • Board Member of the Dreyer Foundation, Board Member of the Association of Danish Tax Lawyers (Danske Skatteadvokater), and Board Member of Danish Lawyers’ Directorships, i.e. a division under the Association of Danish Law Firms (Danske Bestyrelsesadvokater)
  • Danish Tax Lawyers’ repesentative in the special external business contact committee under the Danish Ministry of Taxation
  • Member of the appeal committee under the Danish Sports Federation (DIF)
  • External lecturer/part-time associate professor at Aalborg University


27.03.2008: Bestyrelsesmedlem Bo Rygaard, Dreyrs Fond.©Stefan Kai Nielsen/Ekko

Bo Rygaard

Position: CEO
Born: 1965
Board Member since: 2005
Present employment: CEO and Board Member in Danish and international companies
Former employments: Director of Nordisk Film, Fazer International and Rockwool International


Mathilde Petri

Mathilde Petri

Position: Architect MAA, Associate professor
Born: 1958
Board Member since: 2011
Present employment: The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts,
School of Architecture, and Mathilde Petri Architects
Other positions of trust:

  • Board Member of the Dreyer Foundation
  • Specialist judge appointed by the Danish Architects’ Association (AA)
  • Member of Danish Building Research Institute (SBI) August 2011-July 2015



Claus Barrett Christiansen

Stilling: Lawyer, partner
Born: 1971
Board Member since: 2014
Present employment: Bech-Bruun Law Firm
Other positions of trust:

  • Board Member of the Dreyer Foundation
  • International Trademark Association (INTA), Internet/lg TLD Committee
  • Member, British Literary and Copyright Association (BLACA)
  • Member, Licensing Executives Society Scandinavia (LES Scandinavia)
  • Member, Confederation of Danish Industry (DI), Committee of E-businesss
  • Member, Danish Society
  • Member, Danish Society for Copyright
  • Member, Danish Association for the protection of industrial rights (FIR)
  • Member, Association of European Trade Mark Owners (MARQUES)
  • Member, The Association of Danish Law Firms, IPR Committee


Former Board Members

Knud Aage Gerstenberg
Board Member 2002-2013
Chairman 2003-2013

Lene Tranberg
Board Member 2005-2010

Jens Jordan
CEO of the Dreyer Foundation 1976 – 2006

Hanne Kjærholm
Board Member 1996-2005

Torben Bisgaard
Board Member 1982-2004

Bendt Hansen
Board Member 1976-2003
Chairman 1982 – 2002

Vilhelm Wohlert
Board Member 1985-1995

Haldor Gunløgsson
Board Member 1980-1985

Margot Dreyer
Board Member 1976-1981

Thorvald Dreyer
Board Member 1976-1980