The Dreyer Foundation strengthens new architectural companies’ business potential

Seven young architecture companies recently completed a course with support from the Dreyer Foundation.

In spring seven young architecture companies received the Dreyer Foundation’s grant to strengthen newly started architecture companies’ business potential. They have just attended a course that varied between joint workshops and indvidual counseling and coaching with a mentor who is the owner or director of a significant architecture company. Through the courses the newly started architecture companies got support to develop their companies as businesses.The goal was to create opportunity for reflection and innovation.

The seven young architecture companies and their mentors were:

BCVA – Flemming Andersen, Flemming Andersen Architects
WE architecture – Lars Bo Lindblad, Rubow Architects
Plan Workshop – Helle Søholt, Gehl Architects
POINT – Dan Stubbergård, COBE
Thorborg Forest Place Johansen – Peter Thorsen, Lundgaard & Tranberg
Over town Architects – Mette Kynne, Henning Larsen Architects
Old Norse – Flemming Frost, Juul Frost Architects

The course was developed in cooperation with the Danish Architects’ Association, and has just been completed.