Australian students may kickstart the development of the B&W site in Copenhagen

In January five Australian students began their stay in Copenhagen as part of the exchange programme MADE by the Opera House launched by the Crown Prince Couple at the Sydney Opera House ‘s 40th Anniversary in October.

During the next six weeks, the students will work across disciplines at Henning Larsen Architects on the project ” A Eurovision to last a century .”

The project is based on the Eurovision Song Contest, that will be held in May 2014 at the old shipyard area, B & W Refshaleøen in central Copenhagen. It is of great importance for the development of the city and the event has the opportunity to leave a lasting imprint on Copenhagen. The students will identify and analyze the potential of placing the Eurovision Song Contest in this area and give some concrete suggestions for development opportunities .

The participants in the exchange programme are students in the fields of architecture, design and engineering. The programme runs for 10 years and will ends at the Sydney Opera’s 50th celebration. Every year five Danish and five Australian students will participate in the exchange programme. In 2023, 100 students will have been through the process. The goal of MADE over the next ten years is to influence a new generation of architects, engineers and designers, thus helping to create more innovative design and construction processes.

MADE is a collaboration between the Sydney Opera House Trust and the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts Schools of Architecture, Design and Conservation ( KADK ) and in Denmark supported by the Bikuben Foundation, the Dreyer Foundation and the Obel Family Foundation. Henning Larsen Architects will host the first team of students.

When the Australian students arrive in Denmark, the process of finding the five Danish students who will travel to Australia this summer to work on a multidisciplinary project for the Sydney Opera House starts.

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Photo: Dorte Hermann