Dreyer’s Architecture Gallery exhibits emerging architecture

On 16 September, the Dreyer’s Architecture Gallery in the Danish Architecture Centre opens.

The Dreyer Foundation and the Danish Architecture Centre have collaborated to create a new photography exhibition space at DAC. From autumn 2016 and in the years to come, it will present the next wave of Danish architecture, described and communicated by a number of talented and trend-setting young Danish architectural companies.

Three newly established architectural companies: Sted, Norrøn and Johansen Skovsted Arkitekter exhibit a series of three individual photography exhibitions. All three are representatives of emerging Danish architecture, and all have received a Dreyer Foundation grant for strengthening the business potential of newly established architectural companies.

Dreyer’s Architecture Gallery will provide visitors with a unique peek into the day-to-day reality of the three architectural companies.

The exhibition is part of the Dreyer Foundation’s focus on newly established architectural companies. All the architectural companies exhibiting in the Gallery have attended a professionalizing series of workshops to enhance their business potential.

The ambition of the Dreyer Foundation is to create an exhibition space, in which newly established architectural companies can present their work to the outside world, thereby gaining a voice in the debate on new Danish architecture and its contribution to the evolution of society.

The exhibition will be presented for the first time in the Danish Architecture Centre on 16 September 2016 and will run until 8 January 2017. Each of the three companies will be given about 1 month of the exhibition period. Admission to the photographic exhibition is free.

Read about the opening on 16 September here


De Hvide Dronninger, Norrøn


Tipperne, Johansen Skovsted Arkitekterne